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Bouchra Aït Ahmed


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I am offering sessions of

Voice  and Movement Therapy,

& guidances with tarot and oracles cards.

The support and therapy I'm offering is a unique journey because it allows you to bounce back, to evolve in accordance with the moment, the situation and with you. The creative process, is the reflection of a dialogue between the person involved and the work, under the benevolent and non-judgmental accompaniment of the therapist and in a secure and confidential environment.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

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Movement and voice centered therapy allows te deepen the therapeutic process.

For anyone looking for development of receptivity, of perception of the body, of its emotions.

For anyone looking for his-her true voice to be and to express.

To be in movement is to be alive, even in the immobility.

Movement and voice centered therapy is a way to listen to the intelligence of the body, in its mindfulness.

Movement and voice centered therapy is first a way of making silence and space, a way of listeneing deep in your heart, in your body, in your soul, in your spirit, to find and anchore your roots, your life and a way of expression of you, of yourself, of your freedom.

CHF: 120.-


From birth to death, we cross many thresholds, many passages and transformational spaces.The rites of passage ( according to Arnold Van Gennep) are these liminal places which are important to care about, to look at, to work with and to celebrate.

Each important step of Life has his own grounding.

These cycles of Life we are all facing are opportunities to stand up, to grow, to understand were we are and were we would like to go next.

Closing doors -opening doors.

I offer you the place and space to experiment through creativity with art, movement , voice

these thresholds, which can bring some discomfort, doubts, curiosity, and

joy for the new to come.

I am alongside you with all the means and creativity you need, to design your own cartography and celebrate your path.


2 Hours session

CHF: 200.-


Major and minor arcana, oracles come here to illuminate your journey, your passages, your questions. This accompaniment allows you to approach your life course, your spiritual path from another perspective.

You can ask for

💫Personal Tarot reading:

1 question 20-30 mn video 

CHF: 55.- 

🧚🏻‍♀️Personal Tarot reading :

2 questions  45 mn video 

CHF: 111.-

💫Spiritual Life Guidance:

2h-3 hours of guidance,

including a healing song

CH: 333.-

Check out my youtube channels:

Healing doors tarot


Healing doors journey 


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