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My  —  



I am a therapist offering one to one sessions on the energetic field and on the embodied field. I am a holistic craftswoman.


I am alongside you as an art-therapist,

a movement and voice therapist, a soul therapist, on your  journey to your development and your healing.

You are welcome here as your are

at any age.

You are welcome here to find your resources.

I am specialized on these topics:

burnout - anxiety - grief - traumas - depression.

I offer sessions called "cycles of life" to accompany you on your thresholds to walk in and to cross for a new chapter of your life. I work with constellations settings and a transgenerational approach.

My strength is my wide range of tools available to design and

create your session.

I work in presence and /or in distance

I offer you a place and a space to sense, to express and live your emotions, to connect with your unique soil.

Bouchra Aït Ahmed

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"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 




Personal Development

I am an artist, an art-therapist

and a movement a voice therapist.

I have been trained in Switzerland, in UK:

  •  Graduated as a professional Intermodal Art Therapist in Geneva at l-Atelier in 2013.

  • Graduated (CAGS) in Research, Leadership and Training in Expressive Arts: Therapy, Education and Consulting in Saas-Fee at EGS University in 2011.

  • Professional training in Movement Medicine in Devon (UK), 2019 .

As Art-therapist I have a part-time work in an institution for adults in a situation of disability and a beautiful experiences both in my private and institutional practices. 

I work with a wide range of modalities: movement, voice, sound, image, words. Art, Voice and Movement therapy offers a unique journey, and You can choose the modality that resonate with you.

The creative process, whether tangible (via drawing, writing, collage) or intangible (via movement, voice) imprints and expresses an inner transformation; it is the reflection of a dialogue between the patient and the work, under the benevolent and non-judgmental accompaniment of the therapist in a secure and confidential environment.

If you are looking for a therapeutical approach, or for a support for your own personal development,

I am here for you.




Personal Development

I am a therapist,

using alternative methods for your well-beeing.

I have been trained in Therapy with Sound, with Colours,

  in Chamanic practices & techniques.

  • I offer a space of listening, of quietness.

  • I offer the possibility for you  to connect, reconnect with your own resources.

  •  I offer an integrative body, soul and spirit approach to be alongside you on your own path, at your own pace, specially through times of stress, of burnout, of fear, of doubts, of loss and loneliness.

  • I offer a space of grounding and relaxation.

  • I offer you the possibility for you to taste your inner joy.

Such gratitude I have

for Life,

for my ancestors and my lineages,

for the paths I walked and

for thresholds I went through,

for my wounds, who were my teachers and are my strength,

for all the masters I encountered,

for all the beautiful souls,

for all the transmissions I received,

for the smiles, the tears,

for the wind, the fire, the water, the earth,

for the chance I have to be alive,

for the Great Spirit, the Divine in each cell of each being,

for Nature in all it's forms.

Such gratitude I have for all my guides.

With the deep joy and consciousness

that we are all related.

Bouchra Aït Ahmed





Tel:+41 79 434 83 70

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